In Web Design Everything Is a Specialty

This sentence came from an article I read earlier this week. “The addition of CDNs plus OCA then FEO will increase your WPO as an overall part to improve your SEO which in the end increases ROI”. WTF? I did change it a little so I wouldn’t get dinged for duplicate content but the point is the same, WTF.

 The Internet has broken down into a world of micro specialization each with its own acronym. Everything is a specialty. You don’t have web designers anymore you have front-end specialist, back-end specialist, web page optimizers, database specialist, SEO specialist, PPC specialist, web content, web marketing, blog content, social specialist and the list goes on.  And each of those can be broken down to their inner specialties. What is a poor business to do?

 Let’s face it the days of DYI are gone. Years back you had half a chance. If you could at least grasp HTML you could get a web page for your business together, not true anymore. This is due mostly to changes in technology as the Internet has evolved and grown. There is no possible way you could learn everything you need to know and still have the time to get it done. There is simply too much to know but do you need all these specialist?  In a single word no.

 Think of it like the medical field, there are many different specialists but you don’t need them until you have specific issues to address. Same with the web, if you start out with a good web design and optimization team and if they do their job right you can avoid the specialist.

 Oh yeah, for those of you who are interested:

CDN, Content Delivery Network

OCA, Origin Content Acceleration

FEO, Front-end Optimization

WPO, Web Page Optimization

SEO, Search Engine Optimization

ROI, Return on Investment

 I don’t have to tell you what WTF means.

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