Mobile Web Is Old News

There has been a lot this past weekend about the surge in online shopping and
more precisely the growth in mobile devices. This is something that I have been
preaching for years. So if you saw the writing on the wall you were ready when
this season hit. If you didn’t don’t worry the flood gates are just opening and
you still have time to get in.

When it comes to trending and predictions people who know me, know I am usually pretty
close. Some past predictions:

– Back in the late 90’s I predicted how online commerce would take off. In
fact my very first web site was to sell t-shirts back in 1996.

– I predicted the end of the phone number in advertising, now it is mostly web addresses you see.

–  Back in 2000 we predicted Cyber Monday, though not by that name. You can
still find some of my old ”Tech Tips” articles on line if you want to try and find it.

– Last year in a workshop I stuck my neck out and said we would see the end of Cyber Monday, this week it was all over the News.

– As little as five years ago I started pushing mobile but until this past year it has been a hard sell, well here we are. Now the new business model requires both a “normal” site and a separate mobile site.

I said a separate mobile site. In the past I have been handling the issue by designing sites that were primarily for a desktop but would display properly on a mobile. That has changed for many reasons, mostly technical and due to the number of devices out there but, to take advantage of this new generation Internet and its features you will need a
separate site.

Now that we are in this new world and I’m going to stick my neck out again with another prediction. I say that in less than five years desktops and mobiles devices are going to be one device.  My prediction is: Death of the desktop as we know it.

You will have one computer or device at home, at work and on the move. When home the device can be in a docking station or mobile. When you go to work you will take it with you and dock it there. When on the road it will be your mobile device and, because of texting, chatting, messaging and email the phone is going back to just being a phone.  Everybody will have just one device and will have access to all their stuff all the time. Actually, following the current path it is only logical. You Know I’m right and if you want to know how I think it will affect your business give me a call.

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