Dirty Dozen Marketing Facts

Robert Fleming is CEO / Founder of the eMarketing Association, The Worlds Largest Marketing Association.

A Quick Dirty Dozen Fun Marketing Statistics:
1.85% of people would rather provide an e-mail for an e-book over a tweet.
2.Blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchase decisions than magazines.
3. Companies that blog more than 15 times per month get 5 times more traffic.
4. The average content length for a page that ranks in top 10 position is
2000 words.
5. If a post is greater than 1,500 words, it receives 68.1% more tweets and
22.6% more Facebook likes.
6. Articles with images get 94% more views.
7. Using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86% 8.Videos get
267% more links than normal posts.
9.58% of your audience will stop watching video within the first 90 seconds.
10.20% of people will read text while 80% of people will watch a video with
the same exact content.
11. Viewers retain 58% of what they see but only 10% of what they read.
12. Average buyer consults 11 consumer reviews on the path to purchase.
We gathered info from sources like Hubspot, iContact, Unbounce, and Moz

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Unicorns Do Exist! Meet Chris Kaminski – Genius Unicorn!

Web design Unicorn

“The unicorn designer is the most in demand and rarest of product team members“.

Okay, folks, we’re not talking about a mythological horse with a twisted horn growing out of its forehead. In the world of computer programming and responsive web design, a unicorn is someone who can do it all, not just one limited programming specialty. The good news is that Asheville, NC has a mythological creature that’s more like a secret weapon. He is renowned across the country for his experience and expertise in coding, designing graphics, user experience and writing copy. Is that not enough to impress you? The talents that perhaps tip the scale into Unicorndom (Yeah, we just made that word up. Like it?) are his ability to do all the HTML and CSS his customers need as well.

Heck, most folks don’t even know what any of that means. All they know is that Chris can make their companies fly on the web. That’s mythological in itself.

Okay, so let’s put this in laymen’s terms for a minute. Say you’ve got a business that you want to grow in today’s economy. Who wouldn’t, right? Maybe you have a brand new company and need a website. Maybe you’re a couple of decades behind the rest of the world and have an established company without a website. It’s seriously time to upgrade, in either case. Chris at Lone Bird Studio is your best choice if you want results from the web. He can design your website with all the whistles and bells you need, because he knows computer programming and design inside-out.

Step two: Get yourself a plan for increasing hits on web searches, such as Google. No idea how to do this? Well your local web unicorn, Chris does. He specializes in web production strategies that will bring your company’s web presence from obscurity of the dark ages into the light. He has fantastic visual and interaction design skills to make your website pop off the screen and can code, which is computer geek talk for writing the program to run the site, among other things.

Step aside mythology. There’s a new kind of Unicorn in Asheville, NC. Chris at Lone Bird Studio is your new definition of a creature that’s so fantastic it ought not even exist. Well, look again. For responsive web design, which is a website with results, Chris Kaminski is your unicorn.

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Fun Factoid: Color Affects 10% of Your Audience

Taking a refresher course on UX design (User Experience) and learned something new.
Actually something I haven’t thought of.

Getting to the section on color this was the first design principal:

Design for color blindness

Principle: Any time you use color to convey information in the interface, you should also use clear, secondary cues to convey the information to those who cannot see the colors presented.

Most people have color displays nowadays. However, approximately 10% of human males, along with fewer than 1% of females, have some form of color blindness.” asktog/ principles-of-interaction-design.

Turns out that in this new world of high color displays this could be really important. If your colors are not right you could be losing up to 10% of you audience.

#avlbiz #ashevillewebdesign

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Matthews Picture, One more from the Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail, Roan Mountain

Appalachian Trail, Roan Mountain

The last post was about the inspiration I get from the people I meet on the trail. The other reason is the inspiration I get from my friend Chris (the other Chris).

A large part of why we hike the AT every year and the catalyst that got it started was the loss of Chris’s son. We hike to raise money and to heighten awareness of HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). HCM took the life of Chris’s son Matthew 5 years ago. The money we raise goes into a scholarship fund in Mathew’s name. The scholarship is going in to its fourth year.

One of our goals on each hike is to pick a spot to leave Matts picture. It is usually a high spot with a commanding view. Chris places it in an unobtrusive spot where it can’t be seen or bothered. Every time we do it there is a lot of emotion and now is a tear filled ritual. The mission is not complete until we place the picture.

The inspiration I get from Chris is amazing. He takes a beating and just keeps on ticking. The AT hike is a good example. He took the loss of a son and turned it into something good. He keeps Matt’s memory alive by providing opportunity for others through the scholarship and building awareness of HCM. Matt is with us every time we go out.

For donations contact Chris Rush, chrisrock1026@gmail.com.

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Charlie Horse, Inspiration from the Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail, Beauty Spot TN.

Appalachian Trail, Beauty Spot TN.

People who do not backpack do not really understand why we do it. And, honestly there have been a few times when I wondered that myself. But inspiration is a large part of why I do and I’m not just talking scenery I’m talking people. There are many people walking the AT for their own reasons and from them I realize my challenges are not so bad. Charlie Horse (trail name) is a good example.

Our First day was an easy one because we knew that tomorrow was going to be a workout. From the map and data book we knew it was going to be a long day. It was getting dark and we were settling down for the evening.

Kind of quietly and very slowly this gentleman came up to the shelter from the direction we were heading in the morning. He looked petty frail, the three of us looked at each other with the same question “What is he doing out here”? I mean frail. He needed his poles just to move around.

Turns out Charlie Horse was 82 and he just covered the 13 miles we had to go. On top of that this was his fourth attempt. Except this time he was doing it south bound. We learned why the next day.

It was a quiet night and we parted ways in the morning but Charlie Horse left us impressed. After that several times during the day when my legs were screaming I thought of an 82 year old doing it and if he could I could. And that is one of the biggest reasons I do it, walk for hours in the rain, scramble up mountain sides, and climb inaccessible ridges to meet people who give me inspiration to carry on. People who are not afraid of risk. People who don’t say can’t. People who get up and hit it again if they do not succeed the first time. Can you think of better reasons?

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Life on the Food Chain Hiking the AT

bear300As reported widely bears have been pretty active this year in certain areas. Where we were was one of those areas. But follow the rules, stay aware and you will be safe. An EMT recently told me that when they rescue someone off the trail it is more likely to be a snake or spider bite. Mostly Copperheads and Brown Recluse. Kick that rock or branch before you pick it up.

We didn’t see any bear this trip though we did see plenty of sign including a pile of still warm scat in the trail one morning. We carry whistles and Chris (the other Chris) feels safe with a can of bear spray. With the new movie coming out there is going to be a lot of want – to – be’s and inexperienced hikers maybe the bears will eat well and leave the rest of us alone.

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Power on the Appalachian Trail

The one thing about hiking with iPhones is you need power. Last year we carried a rechargeable battery pack and a solar panel to charge it. We had two kits. I carried one and Chris (the other Chris) carried one. The battery pack is good for two charges and we carried the small solar panel on the back of the pack while hiking.

lastyrNow first I have to say the equipment worked great the problem was, most of the time we were hiking under canopy and they didn’t get enough sun. When we hit clear spots and camp at nights we could put them in the sun but they still didn’t get enough time to charge fully.
This year a different approach, carrying pre-charged power packs. Goal Zero had a new product that you charge ahead of time and holds 3 charges (iPhone6). Takes the sun out of the equation completely. I’m carrying one of the new charge packs, one of last year’s charge packs (precharged) and a pencil I had for a while.

3-packsThat gives me enough for 6 charges total and less than a pound. I’m going to use the Goal Zero and pencil and tuck the battery pack away for emergency. Chris will carry a charge pack similar to the new Goal zero and Carol is carrying a pencil.
We each are carrying an iPhone and have enough for 10 charges, more than enough for a six day trip.
The other thing we learned last years is you can have all the power you need but no signal is no signal and where are going is supposed to be some of the most remote on the whole AT. I will post when I can say stay tuned.

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Careful Whom You Trust or Other Ways Your Info Gets Out

I originally sat down to write about a series of items recently in the news. It was to be about the need to be careful of what you say in front of your appliances. I’m referring of course to the Samsung story of their TVs spying on you. But I thought I would check my email first.

I was greeted by several notices from Tweeter that my account was hacked. My password was changed and Tweets sent out to my followers. Twitter shut my account down until I get it straightened out. I apologize to all who were blasted from my account.

I’m taking this as an opportunity for a learning moment. This serves as a good example of other ways your information can get out. What happened? I brought someone new on board to help with social postings. They just purchased a brand new Win8 HP laptop and I just assumed it was safe. Apparently not. This person was in that old mindset that updates are bad and didn’t keep the old laptop up to date. The infection was simply transferred to the new computer. They put my information on that new computer just yesterday and by the following morning my socials were hacked. Now it’s going to be a day of changing passwords, updates, and scanning.

This is a good object lesson. It proves that no matter how diligent you are with your own equipment your info can get out through a third party. This brings up a liability question, who is responsible. Is the third party responsible because the breech was from their equipment or yours because you granted them access?

I’m thinking it is something we now need to add to our vendor agreements. I was lucky this time, it was just one account compromised but it could have been worse. The take away from this is:
1. Keep your software up to date
2. Scan regularly
3. Check out who you give your info to
4. Assign responsibility

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Quality Hits Verse More Hits … Time To Change Your Thinking

For years everybody has been focused on getting to Google’s first page and getting a zillion hits. I know because I get a lot of  “I have all these hits but nobody is buying.“  Well it’s time to change your thinking. It is not how many hits but the quality of the hits. Let me share something I learned from Gene Simmons of KISS fame and also a very wealthy entrepreneur. You do not have to have a number one hit to make a lot of money. What KISS did is also at the heart of Internet marketing, find your market niche!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Internet marketing have changed quite a bit in the last two years. More I think than it had in the previous 5. Why? Simply, mobile connectivity. Accordingly, how you market has changed. We live in an ‘everything now’ world and you can no longer wait for people to find you. You need to get in front of them and interact and engage them or wham, they are off to the guy doing it better than you.

The first step in this process is to find those people you need to get in front of, find your niche. Next design your site, copy and marketing to address this niche. Do the research, don’t rely on just what you like. And when it comes to your Keyword / phrases don’ skip on the research this is a critical step. These words and phrases are how you will target that market niche and these words will follow you from file names through your content and advertising.

For the purpose of this article the last step is addressing your target market. This is going to include everything from print advertising right through AdWords campaigns and your socials. Now listen carefully, it is very important to optimize your website properly but for more reasons than just Google placement, pay more attention to conversion.

This new marketing is something I coined as “Driving” and that is using all available methods to get my name and web address In front of my audience. I’m looking for people who search for exactly what I have and not broad search terms. I would rather have 5000 hits and 250 sales than 10,000 hits and a high bounce rate, know what I mean.

Lone Bird Studio is Asheville’s choice for mobile web design, mobile apps, and mobile marketing. But use cautiously, results may be overwhelming.


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Are we losing Control of the internet?

Hack, hack, hack. This morning it is Home Depot earlier this week it was Apple last week it was Morgan Chase, add to this the long list of major hacks this year and you can see a definite pattern. So that leads to the question has Internet / computer security completely broken down and have we lost control of the Internet to criminals and terrorists?

Think about it. Pretty much nothing is safe, especially with this new “Cloud” mentality. Once anything leaves your computer, tablet or phone it is open to anything and anybody. How bad is it? Bad enough that Safe Lock has changed their advertising to “stopping MOST threats”, not all threats like they used to.

So exactly what is the “Cloud”? In reality it’s a server farm in Kansas or Texas or Bulgaria for all you know. You are trusting your safety and security to somebody you have no idea exists.

Redundancy and distributed information storage. This simply means that in order to prevent lose data is routinely backed up and spread across a number of servers. This is true for medical records, financial records, email, photos anything that makes it way to the Internet

The side effect of this is when you delete something it can still be out there sitting alone waiting for somebody to find it. Think of these server farms as huge orchards with tons of fruit hanging there waiting for someone to figure out how to pic it and there is nothing you can do about it.

The answer? Obviously there is some personal information that you cannot control like medical records as an example, try telling a doctor he can’t put your info into a database so he can get paid. But you do control other info like passwords and the data you upload like pictures, posts, emails etc. Follow the rule that if you don’t want your mother to see it than don’t do it.

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