Take Your Website Mobile with Responsive Design

Responsive web design is a design solution that helps web designers’ create adaptable and useable websites. This is an approach that has created a whole category of new design decisions for website design and development. According to the responsive design approach, website design should respond to different user environments based on orientation, platform, screen size and resolution. So, if a user makes a switch from his iPad to his desktop, the website would switch itself automatically to facilitate the new image size, screen resolution, and scripting options. A web designer can make a website perform this function by proper use of CSS3 media queries and by mixing images with flexible grids and layouts.

The main concept of responsive design is to create a scalable designs that will accommodate adjustments for different devices. A website created in this manner is called a responsive site. In place of creating multiple sites with different creative elements, user interfaces, and content, a responsive site will adapt itself automatically to different web environments with the help of the scalable and fluid designs built into the website. For example, if a website logo contains the name of the website and an image and the web designer needs to crop or reposition it for different platforms, he can divide the logo image into two images. The picture would be made into a background image and the name of the site a foreground image. This will then enable him to crop or resize the picture in proportion to screen size or orientation without cropping the name, too. Responsive design also optimizes one HTML file for different environments. This approach has in fact revolutionized the way a website is built for multiple platforms and although this is still a bit pricier option, this looks to be the only feasible option for future as of now.

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