Mobile Web Design: Is Your Website Obsolete?

That is the question. And truthfully it probably is. If your website does not meet “mobile demand” then you need to act and one solution may be a “Responsive Web Design”. A Responsive Web Design is a set of techniques that enables one website to display across many devices desktop through feature phones.

 Go to First look at it on your desktop. Then check it on a tablet and then a phone, see how it resizes as screen size decreases. On tablets and phones you also have landscape and portrait views.

 A responsive design uses CSS, HTML5 and relies heavily on JavaScript to resize some elements. This also creates new design decisions like what to exclude as the device screen gets smaller. Elements like copy placement and images or what information is important all need to be looked at.

 These are important decisions because a mobile audience for a restaurant is going to be different compared to the audience for a campground. Retailers will have their own needs and all are going to be different from a desktop.

 These are just a few of the new decisions. How you view pages themselves needs to change. Mobile devices scroll differently than traditional websites. Most if not all are touch screen. On the mechanical side, how are you going to handle coupon redemption for example? As you can see the game has changed, and there is much more to consider then there was the “old” way.

 As good as a responsive design is it is not the magic bullet. Not all websites will lend themselves to a responsive design. Data intensive sites, a lot of forms or content management for example.  It depends on your needs but a separate mobile site may be another solution.

 For the rest of us though a responsive web design is the answer. Everybody knew mobile was coming, that was a no brainier, the surprise was how fast. The only question now is how to adapt your business and web presence to meet it.

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