Your Web Design In The New Mobile World

While most of our competition has been chained to the desktop we have re-trained and have gone mobile. Every business will need to address this mobile demand to survive.

 There are four basic ways to meet this new mobile demand. One is really a stop gap measure the others follow a good better best approach. Your choices are:

 1- A desktop site that will at least display on a mobile device.

2 – Modify your existing site, if it can be modified.

3 – One site to work across multiple devices.

4 – A separate mobile website design.

 The first method is what we have been doing up to this point, our website included. While we were waiting for some sort of standardization with HTML5 and what browsers are going to support what, we had to do something. There are a lot of disadvantages to this method and is now becoming obsolete. Oh yeah, be on the lookout for our new mobile website, should be done soon.

 Method two, modify the existing web site. Code will detect if it is a desktop or mobile browser and display accordingly. This is just a way to buy some time. To do this some conditions need to be met. First your site needs to be able to be modified and that is really a “depends” type of question. How old is the existing site? If it is less than five years old there is a good chance the code is new enough to be modified but a lot depends on how the back end was written and laid out. A consultation and a quick look at the code can answer this question.

 The next method is to write one site to display across multiple devices and browsers. This is accomplished by layering the website images and features which are then presented depending on the device and its capabilities. This sounds like the ideal solution but actually can lead to an unruly website with a lot of redundancy.

 Finally the best method is to have separate sites for both desktop and mobile. In the long run this is the most cost effective with the added advantage of an expanded Internet footprint.  You will need two URLs your- and your- Mobile devices are detected and automatically sent to the mobile website or users can go directly to the mobile page.

 Those are your choices if you have not addressed a mobile program yet it is time get started. Studies show that mobile devices will outnumber all other devices combined and as always a business needs to adapt.

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