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Website Design and Development

If you’re looking for Asheville website design services, you’ve noticed it’s a crowded field. Lone Bird Studio offers more than just design services. We’re your one-stop destination for integrated web-related services including website design, ecommerce, intranet design, and graphics.

Award Winning Design

These days everyone and their brothers are offering web design services. They all want to sell you a great graphic design and flashing buttons, but we show you how to really unlock the power of your website and how it can really work for you.

This is how Lone Bird Studio stands above other Asheville web design firms. We’ll show you the other side of your website, the side where the real power lies. We can deliver not only a great front end that converts to action, but also powerful tools to unlock your productivity and optimize customer loyalty.

An award-winning Asheville web graphics design firm, Lone Bird Studio has a sharp eye for beauty and functionality, along with a deep commitment to customer service. We’ve spent nearly four decades designing, developing websites, building business on the web, including 20+ years as a top website and graphics designer in Asheville, North Carolina. We’re a three-time winner of the Golden Web Award for website designers.
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Online sales are through the roof, so sell stuff online! The Internet provides a fast and easy way for people to buy from you. You provide the idea. Lone Bird delivers the solutions.

Mobile commerce is huge, and is expected to grow nearly 300% in 2018 to reach a worldwide total of more than $850 billion in revenue. This means it is time to up your mobile commerce game if you want to remain competitive.

Today you can sell anything online. Lone Bird Studio delivers what you need ranging from dedicated shopping software through WordPress driven e-commerce sites. We bring you solutions, knowledge and training. We help you get your piece of the pie!

Asheville Intranet Services & Customer Portals

Unleash the hidden power of your website and your domain. You must have a website anyway why not leverage the full power of your domain.

Company Intranet

We specialize in private intranets to boost your company’s productivity with tools like file sharing, directories, and sales and customer management tools. An intranet is a very efficient method of sharing ideas and corporate culture. Creating a private intranet for your company requires no special equipment or complicated connections. It’s secure, can be encrypted, and it runs on all your devices, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

According to a study by The McKinsey Global Institute, productivity increases 20-25% when employees feel connected. The most effective way is to use a company intranet.

You don’t have to be a big business. In fact, even a “solopreneur” can benefit from a business portal, where documents, sales materials, demos, and other essential material can be stored and accessed almost anywhere. Think of it as your own private cloud storage.

Customer Service Portals

Do you want to create a solid customer base? Consider the power of a customer portal for seamless communication and great customer service? Take advantage of the growing trend of self-service. Here’s why.

According to Microsoft’s 2016 Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report, 90% of customers expect businesses to provide online customer self-service portals. This is especially true in the U.S.

Adding a customer portal to your website can lift your conversion rate by 27%, so why wouldn’t you do it?
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Integrated Marketing

In the day, Internet marketing revolved around being “Number 1 on Google”. Now it’s time to get real. Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is highly targeted and offers a much higher ROI. The goal of IMC is quality versus quantity web traffic. Learn about integrated marketing

Building Business Through the Web

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Web Design

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Integrated Marketing

Optimizing digital & traditional marketing for results.

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You already have a web domain – leverage it!

  • NO special network needs
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  • Increase performance
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Been working with Chris since 2011. He took us to domination of the Southeast. And this past year increased shed sales a full 50%.!

Merle Stoltzfus

I have been using Lone Bird Studio for my Web design, since 2004. Our business has grown and I feel that this is attributed to our internet presence. Chris is very professional to work with and is always available either in person or by phone. He is just an e-mail away.

Judi Goloff

Direct Marketing Inc.
Working with Lone Bird for about a year with our search optimization. The results are simply amazing!

Billl Gililand

Asheville Business Coach

Integrated Website Services Asheville NC

So, while we take pride in the unsurpassed functionality of our web creations, we also deliver beautiful and professional design. That makes Lone Bird Studio a top choice for Asheville website design and graphics.

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Building Business Through the Web

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