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Intranet Increases Productivity

An ‘Intranet’ Can Increase Employee Productivity 20-25%*

Company Intranet

An Intranet is a private network accessible only to a company or organization. Intranets are used to deliver tools like file sharing for collaboration or directories, sales and customer management tools.

Increasingly Intranets are being used as corporate culture platforms. Allowing employees to communicate or discuss issues can lead to new ideas in management, productivity, quality and efficiency. The results translate in to a major increase to your bottom line. Lone Bird Studio can show you how this new way of doing business can work for you.

WordPress Intranet Themes Increase Productivity

We like to build on WordPress Intranet Themes because they are cost effective and simple to maintain. They require no special network or technical needs and meet the needs of most businesses or organizations.

  • NO special network needs
  • NO special connections needed
  • NO technical staff needed
  • Encrypted
  • Runs on all Devices
  • Use your existing domain

Designed to increase productivity.

  • A team directory with names, job titles and contact details
  • A discussion forum for work and non-work related topics
  • An instant private messaging system
  • A knowledge base with training documents and videos
  • Workflow management tools like report templates
  • Private chat, communicate like you’re in the same office
  • File sharing and collaboration with improved communication

Keep pace with competitors, increase productivity, and grow your business
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* McKinsey Global Institute study

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