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WordPress powers 1 of every 6 websites on the Internet
WordPress represents

  • 25.6% of all websites representing small, medium and big business use WordPress.
  • 72.4 million websites host a WordPress blog.
  • 22% of active domains created in the USA run on WordPress.

WordPress Explained:

Investing money into a company website is like investing money in any other company asset. You want to get the most out of your money right from the start. Picking the right WordPress website with the right options the first time is important. We strive to ensure maximum ROI and satisfaction with minimum maintenance.

There are three main differences to be aware of when comparing WordPress options. The choices are a pre-built template, a Child Theme, or a custom-built WordPress website.

WordPress Templates

Templates are where many of you will start. It is a very cost effective and flexible way to begin.

When choosing a theme, look for the overall feel or style you want. Check what features in the design can be edited. There are thousands available, both free and purchased.

MAny of the cool and specialty templates like restaurants or apartment rentals, for example, are generally paid templates. Don’t let that scare you. The costs are generally less than $100. We can do some beautiful customized work to tailor these templates to your needs.

Child Themes

We can create some pretty cool web designs with this method. Actually, this is where we do most of our work. Creating child themes allows very distinctive customization of WordPress templates to make them truly yours. A child theme is a cross between template and full custom WordPress. It is our most popular choice with businesses that “get it” and realize they need the web to grow.

You can save quite a bit of money starting with a child theme. Let Lone Bird tailor it especially for you!

Custom-built WordPress

A custom-built WordPress website means that we design and build a custom theme that will be unique to you and your branding. It is unique for your business, yet retains the WordPress functionality. We build and customize your website exactly as way you want.

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Included with all websites

  • First 6mos. web hosting
  • E-mail
  • Latest version of WordPress core software
  • Consultation with our designer(s)
  • Online workspace
  • Responsive mobile design
  • Backup copy on disc

Added Value

  • Set up Google Web Master account
  • Verify site with Google
  • Install/create xml site map(s)
  • Install robots.txt file
  • Automated listing with top 5 search engines
  • 3 hours of phone/email support
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